Boxing Day 2012

Thanks to everyone who turned up, the biggest turnout for quite a while.  Andrew Tullie was first back but failed to have a clue about the anagram.  Likewise John and Douglas !  Kirstin and Sarah were next back and solved the anagram with little difficulty, girl power !

We had visitors from the far corners of the Borders, the lower reaches of Englandshire plus two from France, truly a multi-cultural get-together.  Hawick is turning a bit cosmopolitan.

For the record, below are the winners.  The anagram was OLIVE, as in Olive the Other Reindeer (film)

1st:  Kirstin Maxwell

2nd:  Sarah Tullie

Fastest time for collecting all the reindeer only:  Andrew Tullie

Fastest small junior:  Antony Amos

Futhest travelled (Brittany):  M. Froger

The timed results are HERE.

Regarding results, apart from Rudolph there were 2 options for each reindeer but the results header will only show 1 control number.  Here are the pairs:

Blitzen 107 and 104

Comet  105 and 112

Cupid 110 and 118

Dancer 101 and 113

Dasher  103 and 116

Donner  102 and 114

Prancer  109 and 117

Vixen  108 and 115

Rudolph:  111