Melrose Sprint results

Results from Wednesday’s Sprint in Melrose are HERE

The League Table has been updated after the Melrose Sprint and now shows positions based on the aggregate of the best four scores to date. Ian Maxwell is at the top on 117. If Marc Heger wins the Hawick Sprint and Ian finishes third or worse, then Marc can equal Ian’s total. Patrick Heger can only get to 116 if he wins at Wilton Park. If anyone other then Marc wins in Hawick then Ian takes the trophy.

We have now had 47 different orienteers run one or more of the Sprints this year.

NameBowmontHirselJedburghSelkirk HillMelroseHawickBest four total
Ian Maxwell3030028290117
Patrick Heger2726293000112
Paul McGreal0272826280109
Marc Heger2128302900108
Mike Johnston2817222421095
Rob Cranston025252318091
Kate Darlow251501724081
Elena Heger1916232117080
John Tullie00262525076
Duncan Shiell222018155075
Pauline Macadam019241616075
Sam McKinnon26002227075
Lynne Bogle181020014062
Ellie Darlow201116140061
Andrew Armstrong2301999060
Faisal Khursheed2900030059
Sandy Burgon00211919059
Bridget Khursheed171801210057
Judith Purves161414136057
James Purves02101815054
Susan Shiell151315113054
Fiona Johnston0231704044
Lindsey Knox0002022042
David Patterson1491170041
Robin Sloan029000029
Calum Murray002700027
Iain Bethune000270027
Eb Rooney000026026
Eileen Maxwell240000024
Neil Turnbull024000024
Crawford Lindseay000023023
Ian Burns022000022
Tim Harding000020020
Kate Grimsditch001300013
Leslie Dalgleish000013013
Cathy Rooney000012012
Les Turnbull012000012
Seb Darlow001200012
Roger Scruton000011011
Andrew Duncan000100010
Elspeth Sloan001000010
Margaret Dalgleish0000808
Stewart Barrie0008008
Sally Lindsay0000707
Anne Campbell0000202
Janet Clark0000101
Rachel Ewing0000000

Photo: Fiona Johnston

Selkirk Hill Planner’s Report

Planners report

It was good to see such a good turnout at our Selkirk Sprint, I hope you all enjoyed the courses. Especially pleasing to have the yellow course turn into a training event for the Schools Championships!

The Hegers again dominated the sprint but Ian is still fighting the boys off in the League (a one point lead over Marc). Elena is holding onto top position for the women. Two events left so anything can happen!

Thanks to Robin for being such a patient mentor/controller/assistant with me in my first attempt at planning, to Duncan for helping with the registration and download and to Ian and Rob who helped tidy up the equipment at the cars. Judith, Sam, Pauline and Robin all have my gratitude for collecting controls at the end.

See you all next week in Melrose


Selkirk Hill Sprint Results

The full results are HERE

League table based on best aggregate of three scores to date is shown below.

NameBowmontHirselJedburghSelkirk HillRace 5Race 6Best three total
Ian Maxwell30300280088
Marc Heger212830290087
Patrick Heger272629300086
Paul McGreal02728260081
Mike Johnston281722240074
Rob Cranston02525230073
Elena Heger191623210063
Duncan Shiell222018150060
Pauline Macadam01924160059
Kate Darlow25150170057
Andrew Armstrong2301990051
John Tullie0026250051
Ellie Darlow201116140050
Lynne Bogle18102000048
Sam McKinnon2600220048
Bridget Khursheed17180120047
Judith Purves161414130044
Susan Shiell151315110043
Fiona Johnston0231700040
Sandy Burgon0021190040
James Purves0210180039
David Patterson1491170034
Faisal Khursheed290000029
Robin Sloan029000029
Calum Murray002700027
Iain Bethune000270027
Eileen Maxwell240000024
Neil Turnbull024000024
Ian Burns022000022
Lindsey Knox000200020
Kate Grimsditch001300013
Seb Darlow001200012
Les Turnbull012000012
Andrew Duncan000100010
Elspeth Sloan001000010
Stewart Barrie0008008

Report to follow

Jedburgh Sprint Results

Jedburgh Abbey formed the backdrop for registration and download as Ian Maxwell gave us an enjoyable challenge on the pavements and footpaths along side the Jed Water.

The full results are HERE

It was a good night for the Heger family with Marc just pipping Patrick for the top spot by 12 seconds.

There were lots of younger members and guests today. Pride of place goes to Elspeth Sloan running as a W4 and impressing her World Master grandad with an excellent time for her age.

At least one of the local residents forgot their local knowledge around the swimming pool and ended up on the wrong side of the A68 when looking for control number 7.

The League table below is based on taking the aggregate of the best two results from three. I think this gives a more accurate view of potential final standings than adding all three scores together. Focusing on the best two keeps Ian Maxwell in the lead, just ahead of Marc and Patrick.

You can enlarge the table by clicking on it.

Next week’s event is at Selkirk Hill, planned by Fiona Johnston – park at the Argus Centre. Start times are from 6pm as usual.

Hirsel Sprint Results – including League Table

This is just a short post to show the results. More material will follow later along with the up-to-date League Table after two events.

The full results are HERE

The League table after two events is shown below:

To enlarge the table, just click on it

The table will change next week as Ian is organising and we will move onto three counting events. Until we get to week 5, the table is based on the sum of all your ,points so far. From week 5 onwards we will just take your best four scores.

The next event is in the urban environment of Jedburgh next Wednesday with the first start at 6pm. More details are elsewhere on the website.