Jedburgh sprint results

The revised results from the Jedburgh sprint are HERE

Quite a few people, including me, went through a large open gate which was marked as non crossable on the map – legs 9-10 and 10-11.  I’ve n/c’d those affected rather than dq’d them so that people can compare splits for the non-affected legs.


Bowmont results

The results, by course, are HERE

Amalgamated results below.

1Faisal KhursheedM18B00:19:39
2Ian MaxwellM55A00:24:00
3Paul McGrealM40D00:24:48
4Patrick HegerM18C00:25:50
5Marc HegerM16D00:28:50
6Lindsey KnoxW55A00:29:52
7Andrew ArmstrongM55D00:33:06
8Mike JohnstonM45B00:35:48
9Duncan ShiellM65C00:37:43
10Bridget KhursheedW50B00:38:58
11Pauline McAdamW60D00:39:20
12Keith MurrayM50B00:39:24
13Fiona JohnstonW55D00:41:50
14Calum MurrayM16A00:42:07
15Sam McKinnonM16B00:44:46
16Ellie DarlowW10D00:47:37
17Susan ShiellW65A00:49:16
18Judith PurvesW45A00:51:10
19Mhorag HegerW45B00:54:06
20Max ArthurM55C00:57:58
21David PattersonM50A00:58:57
22Anne CampbellW55C01:04:19

Thanks to Kirstin for the planning and Eileen for setting out the controls.

The Hirsel results

Results for this evening’s sprint event at The Hirsel (Dundock Wood) are HERE

Everyone has been credited with the control that was AWOL for a while.

Thanks to Andrew Armstrong for Planning/Organising.


Traquair Sprint results

The results from Sprint No. 1 are HERE

Well done to Faisal for planning his first event and coming up with the twist in the Maze.  Well, you can’t go to Traquair without visiting the maze can you ?  Note that the battery in control 118 had died so the results have a blank for that one.  We’ve also removed the splits for controls 7 and 8 because control 7 was in the wrong place for early starters.

The Sprint Series results for RR members will be updated on Facebook.

Thanks to Faisal for Planning and to Bridget and Yousuf for helping put out the controls etc.