Boxing Day 2014

Just a reminder that our usual Boxing Day event/social is at Wilton Dean Hall in Hawick. Hall opens at 11am and there will be a mass start at 11:30am. The theme will be divulged on the day but it might be handy if you bring a pen that will write on waterproof paper – it’s not essential but might make it easier to keep track of which bits of the task you’ve done. Bring dibbers if you have them. The theme is suitable for all ages, and there’s no luck involved this year.

Please bring something for the food/drink table. Guests/friends very welcome.

So that I can print enough maps could you let me know if you’re intending being there, thanks.

Eildons Hills 6/12/14 (and Xmas dinner)

A good turnout on a winters day but we certainly got better weather than later in the afternoon.

Results:   HERE

Winsplits:  HERE

The event was followed by our Christmas dinner in The Townhouse in Melrose where 33 of us we were served a most enjoyable meal.  Thanks to Judy for organising this.

Xmas2014-cc Xmas2014-bb

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014


Evening Training & Social @ Jedburgh

Ian Maxwell organised an enjoyable technique training exercise based in the Sports Hall at Jedburgh Grammar School.  The session focused on map orientation, a core technique in orienteering.  A course laid out on a grid gave everyone a chance to practice this skill in a semi-competitive way.  Afterwards we retired upstairs for tea, coffee, juice and some rather nice mince pies (thank you Pauline).  ‘Results’ to follow………………………..

ESOA Champs – The Hirsel

Results are   HERE

Routegadget HERE

Winsplits   HERE

List of East of Scotland Champions:   ESOA INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS 2014

The organiser writes:
Perfect weather for November, willing and hard working RR club members and ideal facilities at the Hirsel made this an easy event to organise, although finding a herd of Highland Cattle in residence in the route to the start yesterday morning was a surprise. Soon sorted by a very co-operative Douglas and Angus Estate in the person of John Letham, to whom we are very grateful for supporting our first event at the Hirsel. Planner Andrew Armstrong and controller Alasdair Wilson Craw provided interesting and challenging courses, judging from the feedback I heard, and you the competitors made the whole day worthwhile by attending in such good numbers. Thanks for coming, thanks for supporting the Homestead Tea Room and in particular thanks for supporting our Juniors’ fundraising efforts for the World Schools in Turkey next year – they made an excellent total of £120. Please come again!
Robin Sloan
Lost Property: 1 ‘large’ sweat shirt, with Glenmore Forest Park logo
1 beanie hat, logo
•Contact organiser for return, see contact details on event web page
Also found in the classroom:
1 pair overtrousers
Small rucsac containing pair binoculars
• These are still at the Hirsel, as we couldn’t be sure they belonged to an O participant

Roxburgh Reivers win 7 Area titles:

ESOA-2014Yousuf M14, Lindsey W55, Ian M50, Eileen W50, John M55, Elena W14. (missing Fiona W40)

Autumn Series 2- Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick

4 October 2014

Thanks to all those who came along to Hawick and (I trust) enjoyed a good run around ‘The Park’.  I certainly enjoyed planning the event.   Pleasingly, after more than 24 hours of steady heavy rain, the weather faired up by the time the first starter set off and conditions were excellent for competitors.  However, the River Teviot was swollen and high after the rain, so there was no chance of Paul McGreal repeating his famous direct route river crossing of a previous event.

Although not technically challenging, the area does offer plenty of excellent, fast running. The number of competitors was a bit lower than hoped but a wide age range was represented and there was certainly hot competition at the front on the Light Green, with barely a minute between the first three.  There was also deadly rivalry on the Orange course with Calum Murray just ahead of sister Eilidh.

Earlier, Eilidh had the honour of cutting the ribbon to officially open the new Permanent Orienteering course which has just been set up in the Park.  The Permanent course is part of a number of developments, which will be seen in the next year or so, as renovations are made to the Park. Ideally, the permanent course can heighten the profile of orienteering locally and maybe give newcomers to the sport an opportunity to try it out.

As ever, I had oodles of help from Reivers club members in setting up and dismantling the event.  Lindsey did all the ‘techy’ stuff, preparing the maps and control units before the event and running registration on the day.  Robin assisted with putting out the controls while John, Sarah, Ian, Kirstin, Pauline and Paul helped collect them in.  Thank you.

Results here

Traquair results

Thanks for the good turnout and pleased to see that everyone seems to have enjoyed the format.  It was very satisfying to see the new map being used (despite me forgetting to add the northing lines !).  Hopefully we’ll be allowed back another time and I can finish mapping some of the outlying areas that we didn’t use this time.

The full results are HERE

A spreadsheet of your total times for either Yellow+Maze or Courses 1+2+maze are below.  Well done to Charlotte on the Yellow/Maze combination and 3 good runs from Kirstin on the Course1,2 and Maze combination, despite Faisal’s best (if slightly cheating) efforts.

PositionNameYellowcourse 1course 2MazeTotal
1Charlotte Muller Stuart00:21:5700:08:330:30:30
2Eva Gibson00:21:5800:19:190:41:17
3Emma Amos00:26:0700:23:210:49:28
4Eilidh Murray00:26:0800:23:280:49:36
5Trinity Hill00:32:5300:17:010:49:54
1Kirstin Maxwell00:09:1800:13:2400:07:470:30:29
2Faisal Khursheed00:11:2000:12:4800:07:350:31:43
3Ian Maxwell00:10:3000:14:0500:07:270:32:02
4Robin Sloan00:11:5800:15:5100:08:360:36:25
5Andrew Armstrong00:13:2600:15:5000:09:100:38:26
6Eb Rooney00:14:5000:18:2200:08:460:41:58
7Maggie Cripps00:15:3600:18:3600:09:050:43:17
8Pauline McAdam00:16:3500:20:0100:10:380:47:14
9Yousuf Khursheed00:14:0500:24:1500:09:410:48:01
10Mairi Eades00:17:1200:21:5300:10:560:50:01
11Bridget Khursheed00:22:0400:20:1500:10:170:52:36
12Duncan Sheill00:21:0500:23:2700:10:390:55:11
13Keith Murray00:22:1800:22:0300:11:320:55:53
14Sam McKinnon00:18:5900:26:2000:12:190:57:38
15Fiona Johnston00:20:1900:26:5100:11:200:58:30
16Cathy Rooney00:24:0400:23:0300:12:430:59:50
17Bill Urquhart00:25:3500:26:2700:09:161:01:18
18Judith Pate00:23:2000:39:5200:18:351:21:47
19Fiona Eades00:31:4100:39:3200:13:151:24:28
20David Paterson00:32:0300:41:0300:26:451:39:51

The new permanent course was duly opened and hopefully the course will be well used.  Thanks to Catherine Maxwell Stuart for agreeing to host the course, as well as having us competing there on Saturday.

Opening of the Traquair Permanent Orienteering Course

Opening of the Traquair Permanent Orienteering Course

Eileen took a few photos on the day…