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Darnick Results with full splits

The results can be seen by clicking HERE

That was a good turnout on Tuesday, and with the bonus of a few locals recruited by Seb and Ellie, hope everyone enjoyed the orienteering. We certainly chose a good evening for it, weather seriously downhill by Wednesday afternoon.

As hoped, Darnick made quite a good venue for a Sprint and I was pleased at how competitive the event was, with no fewer than four runners holding the lead at one point. Somehow I lost the symbol for a narrow path on the new map, but half an hour with a strimmer made them a bit more obvious. Well done to Tim for coming through to win. Thanks again also to the Darlow family for generously providing a venue for the prizegiving, and to Ian for doing the maths and arranging the prizes.

Maybe a night sprint at Shunter’s Wud next winter when the vegetation has died down?

Thanks very much to Duncan for coming to the rescue and putting the results and splits on the website – that was way beyond my computing skills!

Thanks again all for coming


Timpendean Sprint results

The combined results for this evening’s damp sprint at Timpendean (Lanton) are below, and the individual splits per course are HERE

1John TullieM60RRSprint 300:12:57
2Peter O'HaraM45ESOCSprint 200:13:02
3Sam McKinnonM18RRSprint 300:13:16
4Mike JohnstonM45RRSprint 200:14:48
5Kate DarlowW40RRSprint 200:16:32
6Paul McGrealM45RRSprint 100:16:40
7Ellie DarlowW12RRSprint 100:18:31
8Robin SloanM70RRSprint 400:18:59
9Pauline McAdamW60RRSprint 200:19:02
10Ian StewartM50RRSprint 300:19:24
11Lindsey KnoxW60RRSprint 200:19:42
12Max ArthurM55RRSprint 100:19:45
13Andrew ArmstrongM60RRSprint 400:21:10
14Judith PurvesW45RRSprint 400:22:21
15Bridget KhursheedW50RRSprint 100:24:13
16Robert CranstonM50RRSprint 100:24:39
17David PattersonM55RRSprint 300:43:28
dsqJames PurvesM60RRSprint 4m13