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Privacy Policy

By entering any RR event you agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times and age group.

If your photograph appears on the RR website or Facebook page and you wish it to be removed please email:   admin    “at”  roxburghreivers.org.uk

MapRun courses

Whilst we can’t get together for any organised orienteering remember that there are still virtual MapRun courses available. These are open to everyone, not just club members, see the information under the MapRun and Permanent Courses tab above.

Selkirk Hill MapRun courses

The 2 Selkirk Hill MapRun courses used on Boxing Day are now available for everyone. In the MapRunF App download either the Selkirk Hill Score or Selkirk Hill Scatter plus the corresponding map below, although they’re the same controls so either map would suffice. If the “Events Near Me” link in MapRunF doesn’t work use “Select Event” and then UK – Scotland – Borders – Roxburgh Reivers….

Selkirk Hill 30 Minute Score

Selkirk Hill Scatter course (30 controls)

Boxing Day

We held our first Boxing Day activity in 1990 so are celebrating 30 years in 2020. By necessity it’s going to be different so this year will be a virtual “MapRun” on Selkirk Hill. See the details on the Upcoming Events link.

Teviothead local event 28/11/20

Results from our event at Teviothead on Saturday are HERE

Thanks to John for putting out, waking up and collecting all the controls. Big thanks and a well done to Kate for her first event as Planner, not the easiest of events to plan for your first one but Kate gave us all a challenge with no easy or obvious route choices. Rob helped at Registration allowing me to get a run this time 🙂


Some photos from Kate, the Planner.

Teviothead 3/10/20

Results from a damp Teviothead today are HERE

Routegadget HERE

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves today (despite the weather) – from the comments I received it sounds like folk were just glad to be back competing.

My plan was to not have a conventional course for the green – more middle-distance/relay style planning with lots of controls (it wasn’t a coincidence that it ended up as 19!) and changes of direction. I also wanted to try and use the best bits of the area with all the lovely wiggly brown lines – hence the reason for the 1,7500 scale. This also tends to be the bit with the best underfoot conditions.

Light-Green was perhaps more conventional although with a lot of similar legs – a consequence of being limited to 25 controls. Leg 16-17 on Green seems to have caught a few people out – a deceptively tricky leg, made all the more difficult by control 120 on Light-Green pulling the unsuspecting off-line.

The observant among you may have noticed several control sites which were used in my devious Photo O challenge from earlier in the year. The “memorial” at 117 was my attempt at some light hearted humour in this time of gloom – I hope it didn’t put you off!

John Tullie (Planner/Organiser)

Teviothead event

Our first post-Covid event is at Teviothead, courtesy of John Tullie. This event is for members only to help familiarise ourselves with the new procedures. Club members have been emailed with the information.

Strictly NO entry on the day for anyone.