Gordon Sprint 1 – 24/4/24

Full results are HERE

Thank you for coming along to the first event of the summer sprint series at Gordon Community Woodland. I hope you enjoyed your run and your feet did not get too wet.

I was delighted that the weather was fair on the evening of the event, a couple of my reconnaissance trips in the weeks prior to the event were in heavy rain and on one occasion good parts of the area were underwater. In planning the Sprint course I wanted to give competitors stretches of good running, offer some opportunity for route choice and try to ensure the winning time was between 15 and 20 minutes.

As ever I had great help from other Reivers in organising. Lindsey helped with the computing aspects of the planning and entries , Robin provided updates of the map and also arrived early to help set up. After the event I had lots of volunteers to help with “putting the toys back in the box”. Michael, Robin, Bridget, Judith, Ian and Paul collecting in controls, banners and signs while Lindsey checked the SI units and putting them to bed.

Finally thanks to Gordon Community Woodland for allowing us to use the forest for the event.

Rob Cranston, Planner/Organiser