Wilton Park, Hawick 7/10/23 – Results

The results from Wilton Park are HERE

Very light drizzle turned into steady rain by the end of the event but we seem to have got off lightly compared with further north. 18 people turned out for a fast birl round the lovely Wilton Park although I managed to confuse some people over which walls and fences were crossable/allowable. A few people went through a gate at the cricket pitch into and then immediately out of the tennis club car park gate (leg 9 – 10) which were marked as uncrossable and weren’t open when I put the controls out otherwise I would have been more careful with my instructions. I’ve penalised these people by 3 minutes – a bit of a guess but it’s a better option than disqualification or deleting the legs for everyone. If anyone else wants to admit to taking the gates shortcut let me know !

Thanks to Rob, Keith, Robin, Andrew J and Max for helping collect controls in at the end, that was much appreciated.

Lindsey, Planner/Organiser