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Final info: Final information sheet (in PDF) is here
Site Plan Drawing of layout (not OCAD !) is here
Starts: Start List is here
What: Scottish O League 3 and RR Summer Series 3
Where: Teviothead, Hawick
When: 7 June 2009
Getting there: Only 31 miles from Jct44 of the M6 on a regular bus service (First service 95/X95) from Carlisle railway station to Edinburgh (52 miles from Edinburgh city by-pass). Teviothead is between Langholm and Hawick on the A7 – the bus will stop on request. The Sunday timetable would make it difficult to travel to the event on Sunday morning but possible to return to either Edinburgh or Carlisle on Sunday afternoon. Signposted from the A7.

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Terrain: At the village of Teviothead, just south of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Fast open hillside, with intricate contour detail and areas of runnable marsh. Some rock detail and numerous small quarries, depressions and re-entrants which were created during the building of numerous drystane dykes (walls). As used for the 2006 Harvester Relays.  Now with 10% more boulders!The area is made up of the Tullie family farm of Bowanhill, together with the neighbouring farms of Binks and Colterscleugh and is the training ground for British and Scottish squad members James, Douglas, Andrew and Sarah Tullie.
Map: Map by Deeside Orienteering & Leisure Maps (2005), with minor revisions March 2009. 1:10,000 scale for all courses except Black which will be 1:15,000.
Facilities: Camping may be available on Saturday evening or a floor in the village hall (contact the organiser).  Note that it’s Hawick Common Riding weekend so accommodation in Hawick will be limited.

SOL Courses: Usual Scottish O League courses:

Course Men Women
Black M21L  
Brown M18, M20, M35L, M40L  
Short Brown M45L, M50L, M21S W21L
Blue M16, M35S, M40S, M55L, M60L W18, W20, W35L, W40L
Short Blue M45S, M50S, M65L W21S, W45L, W50L
Green M55S, M60S, M70L W16, W35S, W40S, W55L, W60L
Short Green M65S, M70S, M75, M80 W45S, W50S, W55S, W60S, W65, W70, W75, W80
Light Green M14 W14
Orange M12 W12
Yellow M10 W10
SOL points: You can enter the colour-coded course of your choice, but if you wish to score Scottish League points you need to do a course allocated to your age class as noted in the table above.You can also “run up” and score points on a more difficult course. See the SOA’s SOL notes (external website)
Other courses: White and Long Orange (Pre-entry and Entry on the day available)
Starts: 11:00 to 13:00.
There will be 2 starts. White – Short Green from the North Start which is 250m from Assembly. The South Start is for Green – Black and is 750m from Assembly.
Punching: SportIdent electronic punching.There is no charge for hiring a dibber but a charge of £25 if you lose it.
Course lengths (subject to final controlling):
Course Scale Length Climb
Black 1:15,000 10.9km 475m
Brown 1:10,000 9.2km 355m
Short Brown 1:10,000 8.4km 340m
Blue 1:10,000 6.2km 250m
Short Blue 1:10,000 5.5km 220m
Green 1:10,000 4.3km 180m
Short Green 1:10,000 3.2km 120m
Light Green 1:10,000 3.6km 140m
Long Orange 1:10,000 4.7km 150m
Orange 1:10,000 2.8km 95m
Yellow 1:10,000 1.8km 50m
White 1:10,000 1.6km 50m
String course? Yes
Other information: No dogs allowed in competition area and must be on leads in car park and camping fields.
Entry Fees: Seniors (on Short Green – Black): £11 (less £2 if BOF member).
Seniors (on Yellow – Light Green): £7 (less £2 if BOF member).
Juniors/Students (on any course): £4.
White £3 and Long Orange £5
Entries: Online entries via Oentries by 29/5/09.Please, please, enter online unless you’ve got a good reason not to – it saves the entries person so much time.Postal entries if required (earlier closing date of 26 May 2009), on a standard entry form to:

    Lindsey Knox, Riversdale, Slitrig Crescent, Hawick, Roxburghshire TD9 0EN
    email: lindsey “at”
    phone: 01450 377383.

Cheques payable to Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club please.

Closing dates: 29 May 2009 for online entries.
26 May 2009 for postal entries.
Late entries/EOD: Limited late entries on SOL courses available until the maps run out – same price as above.If you want a late entry please contact Lindsey Knox (details above) at any reasonable time of the day or evening. Maps will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so we cannot guarantee that there will be maps available for every SOL course on the day of the event. There will be unlimited Entry on the Day for White (TD1) (£3) and Long Orange (TD3) (£5)
Organiser: John Tullie (RR)
Planner: Andrew Armstrong (RR)
Controller: Ian Turner (SOLWAY)
Enquiries: Email: 01450 850217

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If you have any questions on the SOL 3, please email