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MapRun courses

Whilst we can’t get together for any organised orienteering remember that there are still virtual MapRun courses available. These are open to everyone, not just club members, see the information under the MapRun and Permanent Courses tab above.

Selkirk Hill MapRun courses

The 2 Selkirk Hill MapRun courses used on Boxing Day are now available for everyone. In the MapRunF App download either the Selkirk Hill Score or Selkirk Hill Scatter plus the corresponding map below, although they’re the same controls so either map would suffice. If the “Events Near Me” link in MapRunF doesn’t work use “Select Event” and then UK – Scotland – Borders – Roxburgh Reivers….

Selkirk Hill 30 Minute Score

Selkirk Hill Scatter course (30 controls)

Boxing Day

We held our first Boxing Day activity in 1990 so are celebrating 30 years in 2020. By necessity it’s going to be different so this year will be a virtual “MapRun” on Selkirk Hill. See the details on the Upcoming Events link.

Teviothead event

Our first post-Covid event is at Teviothead, courtesy of John Tullie. This event is for members only to help familiarise ourselves with the new procedures. Club members have been emailed with the information.

Strictly NO entry on the day for anyone.

Postbox O

Another exercise for those of you in the larger towns. Pauline has made up some maps where the controls are postboxes. Set your own target of say a 30 minute Score. Note that these courses aren’t part of an organised event so you take part at your own risk. Suitable for members and non-members. Take care crossing roads.

Links to the maps:

Gala A

Gala B

Hawick A

Hawick B

Kelso A

Kelso B


MapRun courses

MapRun is an App which allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy orienteering without needing to set up physical control points on the ground. Reivers now have 7 local courses for folk (members and non-members) to enjoy.

Available courses:

  • Bowmont Forest, near Kelso (Easy Trail 4.7km course)
  • Bowmont Forest, near Kelso (Long course, Urban style i.e. only paths, rides, roads allowed)
  • Bowmont Forest, near Kelso (Shorter course, Urban style)
  • Gala Policies (Light Green course)
  • Hawick Town (All controls)
  • Hawick Town (8 controls)
  • Tweedbank (Orange, medium, urban course)
  • Wilton Park, Hawick (30 minute Score)

Go to HERE and towards the bottom of the page you’ll find some instructions then the list of available events, in alphabetical order, under that.

The App is called MapRunF. Once you’ve installed this it’ll find events near you automatically when you tap the “Events Near Me” button on your phone. Ideally you would print off the PDF and run using that to navigate but it’s also perfectly possible to just use the map on your phone.

There’s a short video of MapRunF HERE

Important: Note that these courses aren’t part of an organised event so you take part at your own risk. Take care crossing roads.