Results from Sprint 2: Selkirk Hill

The results from this evening’s sprint at Selkirk Hill are HERE.

Note that there were 2 courses, the same apart from the first couple of controls.

Version 2 of the results is now available with both sets of results amalgamated: HERE

Thank you for supporting RR latest Spring Sprint event at Selkirk Hill. It was great to see another fine turn-out.   I hope you enjoyed your run despite the Baltic temperatures. Most folk seemed to finish with a smile on their face and I thank you for your generous and positive comments the end of your runs.  Thanks also to those who offered to collect in controls.  As usual it was a RR team effort with Lindsey at the helm organising the technical bits, Pauline ensuring the Covid-19 risk assessment was completed and Robin helping to collect in controls at the end.
The idea of the ‘gaffled’ controls was to try break up any precession of runners .  Not sure how well this worked but it added interest to the start.  Hope to see you at Gala Hill next week.