Results from Gordon 15/5/18

Results from this evenings event at Gordon are HERE

The glitch with the start times prior to 6pm is partially solved but I’ll not bore you with the partial details !  Suffice to know that the results are now correct.

Planner/Organisers Report:

Thanks to everyone who came along to this evening’s Sprint in Gordon Community Woodland. It was great to see some guest runners as well as the usual faces, and I hope you all enjoyed your runs.

This was my first time planning for a sprint format, and my first time planning at Gordon, so it was something of a learning journey. I opted for a sprint course which gave lots of changes of direction with some degree of route choice (round by the path or straight through the grotty forest…), and a small “butterfly” loop thrown in for good measure. It seems to have worked, with plenty of variation in the routes people took and some discussion afterwards.

Control 13 on the sprint proved unlucky for some – a combination of a slightly outdated map and a planner who can’t tell one boulder from another! Apologies to those who had problems here…

Congratulations to Nick Barrable, who won the Sprint in an impressively short time of 13:03, and to Seb Darlow who completed a faultless Yellow course in 18:40.

Thanks to all those who helped, especially Robin Sloan who acted as Controller and provided copious planning advice, Duncan Shiell for running registration and download, Susan Shiell for manning the start and helping with setting up, and all those who collected controls afterwards.