November 7th Saturday event

Gala Hill was the venue for the third Reivers autumn Saturday morning event, and although we were not overwhelmed with numbers, enough turned up to make it worthwhile. Having had as much rain in the first few days of November as in the whole of October, the main paths were very muddy and with the north slope of the hill being mostly beech trees, the smaller paths had all but disappeared under the autumn leaf drop. Several groups negotiated the Yellow course, a few did Orange and the rest rose to the challenge of “Orange with a twist”, which this time was a corridor course of about 2K. We were pleased to see an Interloper who had made the journey from Edinburgh on an X95 and also welcomed back to orienteering Fiona Johnston, who had been taught the sport when at Jedburgh in the days of an active Border schools Outdoor Education programme.

Yellow:  Hazel, Alastair & Susan Kevan
Fiona Johnston
John Riley + 2
Orange: Ben Cushing
Ann Campbell
Orange corridor:
Andreas Wilhelm
Melanie Sloan
Paul McGreal
Eileen Maxwell

Thanks to Lindsey for printing the maps, Rob for help setting up and manning registration and to Paul, Eileen and Lindsey for bringing in controls.

Robin Sloan