Lauder sprint 25/4/23 – results

The results from Lauder are HERE

Planner’s comments:

Tuesday night’s RR event at Lauder was well named as a Sprint, as with one control to go, four runners were within 40 seconds of each other – then unfortunately Colin Williams missed out the easy 14th control, eyes fixed on the Finish banner. So a win for Ian Maxwell with the Darlow duo of Tim and Ellie very close behind. Good to see Tim running again after his skiing accident and thanks to everyone else for coming to explore the backstreets of Lauder. I added the last few controls on terrain, to give variety and a slight change in the kind of decision making required.

The hoped for crowd of Limpers juniors and Lauder P7s didn’t materialise, but great to see the McLeod and Entwistle families and Callum Murray all taking part. We say goodbye to Phil Murray next week I think, so wish him well and thanks for supporting RR while living in the Borders.

Thanks very much to Eileen, Ian and Paul for staying on to bring in the controls, and to Lindsey for doing the computing.

Hope everyone enjoyed the evening, could have been warmer, but better for running than standing handing out maps!

Robin S