Lanton 2/4/16 results

Results from a damp Lanton are HERE

Thank you to all of you who came along and said you enjoyed your run. Having planned the event in Lanton last year, I tried to use a different area this time. Apologies for the control in the wrong place but you may have noticed that the bushes in the tower field are not very accurately mapped. The control started off only on the orange course and was meant to be easily found from the ditch/stream.

Thank you to Lindsey for checking my courses and giving me helpful advice and then for manning the computer on the day. Thanks also to Rob, Ian and Lindsey for helping bring in controls. I’d taken 2 ½ hours to put them out and was glad that I didn’t have to bring them all back in myself in the rain. Finally, thanks to Ian for managing all of the permissions and to Eileen for bringing the extension cable and inviting me in for coffee afterwards. (Apologies for not taking you up on the kind offer, I was too tired and my feet were soaking so I just wanted to get home.)

Pauline,   Organiser/Planner