Gordon Community Woodlands 4/3/23

Full results from today’s event are now HERE

Thanks to Robin for Planning/Organising the event and the weather 🙂

Planner writes: Here is a belated note about the Local event at Gordon Community Woods last Saturday. Thanks to all who came and hope you all enjoyed the run. Well done to Ian who just pipped Phil by 14 seconds, the lead changing hands a couple of times as there seemed to be some route choices  – as a course planner that’s always satisfying. Also well-done to Ava and Roddy, you both had some excellent split-times – you clearly benefitted from Ian’s coaching session!

Thanks to Rob for help setting up, to Lindsey for doing the computing with help from Eileen, and to Eb, Judith, Eileen, James, Ian and Max for bringing in controls (I think I’ve forgotten someone… apologies if so)

Something to remember next time at Gordon is that the wall symbol (although the legend says ‘uncrossable’) doesn’t mean it must NOT be crossed. The only features it is forbidden to cross on rough terrain (using the ISOM 2017 standard) are purple lines or hatching, and olive for private land. Watch out though, sometimes the map says something like ‘all fields are out-of-bounds’ without the purple lines. Conversely, on urban terrain using the ISSprOM 2019 standard, thick black lines and thick green lines must also NOT be crossed. So the point is, next time at Gordon, if you think it is safe to cross, you may cross either of the walls on a direct route. (You may also legally cross the pond with the black line round it, but it’s highly recommended not to try!) If the above causes confusion rather than clarity, have a word with Ian, Lindsey or myself.

Thanks again for coming.