Eildons SoSOL – results


Provisional results are HERE

Winsplits are HERE

Routegadget is HERE

Photos below

Lost property:   A pair of white Pringle socks were found at the event. Claim from John Tullie:   johntullie@btconnect.com

Planner’s Report:

A couple of key decisions drove most of the rest of the course planning (a) I wanted to use some different parts of the hill, and have a start/finish/parking area that was weather resilient (not that we needed it today!), (b) I wanted everyone to have an ‘open hill’ experience as well as legs in the forest (which has got more pleasant in recent years), and (c) it’s not an especially technical area, so I tried to force route choice decisions.

The resulted in the ‘right across the map’ leg that was on Blue and Brown (post-race, no two people told me they’d gone the same way!), and ‘over-or-round’ options for most other courses. In hindsight, I’m not sure that was a good idea for Short Green – sorry. I also know that many of you found it pretty physical – the gorse and heather are on the march on Eildon due to lack of grazing.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge, hilltop views, and the sunshine we laid on for you.

Paul McGreal RR