Darnick Score event 30/6/21

The results from this evening’s Score event with a Twist at Darnick are HERE

The twist was that competitors had to visit controls in a sequence of even and odd number controls. 2 people managed to lose 10 points by having consecutive even number controls, interestingly one person did 110 then 120, the other did 120 then 110. Thanks to Robin for planning and organising a different format plus the lovely sunny evening.

Planner says:

Hope everyone enjoyed their run round Darnick on Wednesday, some fast and furious running and hope the less fast enjoyed it too. Amazed that ANYONE got them all in under 30 minutes – but 5 of you did! – some quick thinking involved. Well done Paul for a very clever solution – perfect economy of effort! Thanks for coming – there was a bit of work to update the map as the vegetation has had a prolific growing season, plus adding the hospital car park to the map made a third by-pass crossing possible – but I think it was worthwhile. And the weather was perfect!