Bowmont CATI and Training 27th February

Three cars eventually turned up for the Saturday morning CATI at Bowmont, but at 9.30am the minor road up to the forest from Eckford would have made the Vancouver Olympics organising team green (or white?) with envy and would have been quite suitable for a giant slalom. Although the farmer had cleared snow up from the sawmill – we reckoned to allow the Tesco van to deliver groceries to Caverton Farm – there were a good four inches of snow in the car park. We thought it prudent not to encourage people to risk the road and cancelled the event. Lindsey put a notice on the website and e-mailed everyone for whom we have contact details.
Apolgies to those who were disappointed not to get a run, but locally we have the SoSOL at Elibank in three weeks with courses for all, and following that, there will be three Saturday morning events in April and May. Rob mentioned that the families that did turn up had also been at the Primary Schools Chess tournament earlier in the week, an activity not likely to be affected by the weather and which would have given their brains, if not their bodies, some exercise.