Bowhill Results – Saturday 16th February

Thank you to everyone who competed today.

Considering the weather of recent weeks we did fairly well today. It was wet under foot but most people got round in dry conditions overhead.

We had a good turnout of 34 competitors including two from south of the border.

Apologies for the problems with the control boxes. Interestingly it was a consecutive run of boxes 120 to 124 that caused the problems. We will be investigating the reasons so that we can try and ensure we don’t have similar problems in the future.

Update 21/2/16: Problem solved. The five units from 120 to 124 were all programmed as CHECK boxes rather than CONTROL boxes. As everyone had some valid controls on their dibbers when they reached the rogue boxes, the CHECK boxes could see the dibbers weren’t clear and so they didn’t beep. It could have been worse, they could have been programmed as CLEAR boxes.

The results have been edited to give everyone credit for all the controls – the overall time is accurate.

Results are HERE

Rob Cranston, today’s planner, add his own thanks – Thank you to all those who supported today’s event at Bowhill. Another fine turnout, on a day where it was better to be moving than to be standing still. Good to see a few new faces too. I am sorry that a number of the control units failed to work, I hope this didn’t mar the enjoyment of your runs too much. I am not sure the reason behind this. Greater minds than mine will no doubt get to the bottom of the problem. My impression from most finishers was positive; thank you for the kind comments. I enjoyed planning the courses and do think The Cants is very enjoyable running at this time of year. For those attending Ian Maxwell’s training session prior to the event I hope you were able to put into practice some of your training.

Thanks are due to Paul & Pauline for control collecting, Robin for both setting out & collecting, and an especially big thank you to Duncan Shiell for dealing with the computer side, sorting out entries & results. See you at Elibank in March