Bowhill Event Results

Although it was a very cold day there was a good turnout at the MaxwellÂ’s Bowhill event recently. The results are as follows:

1st MacDonald family 18:57
2nd Holley family 24:32
3rd Catriona MacDonald and Mhari Dempster 26:32
4th Jaffrey family 30:03
5th Katie and Robin Lothian 30:10
6th Jamie Cattermole and Neil Martin 44:39
7th Jenny Cattermole and Angie Martin 48:37

1st Gareth Owen 28:42
2nd Alan MacDonald 28:45
3rd Iain Cattermole and Jacob Stewart 59:40
4th Karen Maxwell and Ellie Thomson 1:08:11
5th James Purves 1:15:38

No paths
1st Rob Cranston 49:37
2nd William Hoffin 1:04:30

We hope to see everyone again this Saturday at the Selkirk Hill event.