Spring Event 1 – Bowmont 26/3/11

Organisers/planners Judy and Alan only returned from Down Under 48 hours before the event, so they had had to plan well in advance for today’s event. However, all went well, with a good turnout for this, the first of the Reivers 2011 spring local meetings. For once, the wind wasn’t howling through the Bowmont Scots Pines!

Lost Property:
8-9 YO striped hoody top (possibly a Rodwell?)
Type 2 Silva Compass
please phone 01896 822548 if they are yours


White Oscar Rodwell 22.20
White Toby Rodwell 22.20
White Hamish & James Rodwell 30.00
Yellow Faisal Khursheed 28.15
Yellow Bridget Khursheed 30.45
Yellow Yousuf Khursheed 34.30
Yellow Toby Rodwell 39.24
Yellow Sean Rogers-James & Sarah Findlay 42.00
Yellow Eilidh Murray 45.00
Yellow Calum Murray 45.23
Yellow Alex Brown & Andrea McGoldrick 49.10
Yellow Ashley Weir, Hannah, MeLina 58.15
Yellow David & Rosemary Bayne 74.00
Yellow Katie Robertson & Meaghan Hay 74.05
Orange Cathy Rooney 25.15
Orange Eb Rooney 25.15
Orange Susan Shiell 62.55
Orange Andrew Armstrong no time
Orange Fiona Forrest no time
Orange + Paul McGreal 24.30
Orange + Duncan Shiell 41.00