Lanton Results and Report

Results are HERE

Thank you to all of you participated in Saturday’s event at Lanton. Given the other sporting events in the Borders and on the Television on Saturday it was encouraging to see 25 groups or individuals out in the Forest.

Car Parking is a bit of a problem at Lanton. The ability to use Monklaw Farm helped in the choice of registration and start area. The narrow strip of woods near the Start is not an area that Roxburgh Reivers use very often, but it does have quite a lot of contour detail which can be used for Controls.
The Yellow Course was constrained to follow the paths in a circular fashion. Sorry about the mud, especially the bit on the main track between 5 and 6.
All the courses were very competitive with not much time between the first three competitors on each of Yellow, Orange+ and Light Green. If you look at the detailed splits elsewhere on the site, you can see the lead changing hand a few times.
Congratulations to the the winners – Amjad Khursheed on Light Green, Sam McKinnon on the Orange+ and Calum, Sam and Finlay the group of young lads from Gala Harriers on the Yellow course.
The map of Lanton still needs a bit of work done on it, but at the right time of year, Lanton provides a good orienteering challenge. Early April is a good time, so hopefully we may have another event here next year.
I was a bit unsure of the position of Control 3 on the Light Green course, but it doesn’t seem to have held anybody up. I should probably have put in on the stream junction to the West used as a control on the Orange+ course.
The new extraction track in the hatched area near Control 5 on the Light Green course seems to have caused a bit of trouble, but I felt the catching ride/track approximately NE/SW to the West of the control would be helpful in relocation. The area around Timpendean Tower is quite intricate in terms of contour detail and I was quite keen to use it. I realise that the legs in and out of the Tower field were going to favour the fast runners, but the choice of across or round was quite useful.
The next Roxburgh Reivers event will be in Bowmont Forest near Kelso at 1pm on Saturday 10th May. We hope to see you all again then.