World Masters O Championships 2010

A party of 5 Reivers (Douglas, Rob, Robin, Jim and Lindsey) travelled out via Geneva to WMOC2010 which was based this year in the watch-making city of La Chaux de Fonds.  We chose to stay in a wine growers B&B in the lovely village of Boudry not far from the shores of Lake Neuchatel, and an easy tram ride into Neuchatel from where caught the train each day to the events.  All transport within the area was free for the week on production of our race bib.

Our B&B

The first weekend was the Urban Sprint qualification and final. It was baking hot for the qualification in La Chaux despite the late afternoon start, and a software problem meant long waits at download for later starters like Lindsey (over 1 hour).  Douglas unfortunately got the wrong map and lost 4 minutes swapping it.  Robin and Lindsey produced the best performances, both finishing 11th in their heats and making the A finals. The final was held in Neuchatel, another baking hot day, the most notable result coming with Douglas’ win in M55D.  The day was Swiss National Day and we admired evening fireworks from the vantage point of Boudry Castle.

Monday was a training day but it bucketed rain all day.  Douglas, Rob and Robin braved the miserable weather but Jim and Lindsey spent the afternoon in the dry of the Time musuem (opened specially for the orienteers and with free entry).

Tuesday was Long Qualification 1 held on an area which was a mixture of trees, semi-open and open but with few contours so it was very difficult to read the ground. Douglas forgot to punch a control near a crossing point and was disqualified but would have had a good result otherwise.  Robin and Lindsey finish in 24th and 18th places.  A hot and sweaty Lindsey was interviewed by the local press after her run and was quoted in the paper next day.

Wednesday was Long Qualification 2.  Fairly unpleasant forest with brashings covering most of it, and with patches of limestone crevasse below.  Lindsey’s course had quite a few path running options which she took, the others weren’t so lucky.  Final allocations:  Rob in M45C, Douglas in M55E, Robin in M60B, Jim in M60E and Lindsey in W50A.

Thursday was another rest day so it rained heavily again.  Rob and Robin went a gorge walk, Douglas went a hilly walk, and Jim and Lindsey took the train to a butterfly and tropical garden.

Rob and Lindsey on Final Day, with club tent

The Final area was similar to the brashed forest of LQ2 but with wet brashings now, slightly less rock and many more paths in irregular patterns, very confusing when trods appeared too.  Lindsey has to relocate twice, losing 10 minutes each time.  Douglas gets his money’s worth too but Rob has a good run to finish 15th.  Final placings:  Douglas 19th, Robin 28th, Jim 44th, Lindsey 71st.    Rob and Douglas sample some of our hosts wine cellar before the evening meal, and appear on the communal terrace all smiles !

We travelled home on Saturday, spending the last day in Geneva.  All in all a great holiday, disappointing Final area, and a lingering feeling of “if only…”

Results are here

That’s a big watch !