Selkirk Hill 1/3/14

Results are HERE

Thanks to Ian for another entertaining afternoon out, despite all your reservations you all seemed to have enjoyed the challenge.  The Yellow course comprised a short Yellow and then a short Yellow+.  Other courses were micr-o with no control codes on the map and 1 minute penalty for each wrong punch.

Overall Results Micro-O

1st    Faisal Khursdeed       51.42
2nd   Amjad Khursheed       57.07
3rd    Eb Rooney                62.03
4th    James Purves            62.35
5th    Patrick Squire            64.41
6th    Marc Heger                66.16
7th    Duncan Sheil             68.34
8th    Rainer Heger              79.13
9th    Fiona Johnston           80.17
10th  Judith Pate                 98.23
11th  Mhorag Heger            102.59
12th  Sam McKinnon          104.59

Well done to the 12 competitors who completed all 3 courses especially those who would normally have ran an Orange course. (this was a big step up)

Fiona was the only person to make no mistakes on all 3 courses, Lindsey managed 2 wins and no mistakes out of 2 courses but Faisal was a worthy winner with easily the fastest time and only 1 wrong control (although he did get 2 penalties for missing out controls 13 & 14 on course 3).

Here’s a spreadsheet of the penalties picked up per course.

I promise normal type courses for Bowhill on 29 March.