Scottish Score and Inter Club Champs 2006

Controversy reigns again and the talk in the car park at Beecraigs was of crossing points. The organisers chose to designate two sections of the several roads through Beecraigs as “busy” and put in place a system whereby competitors had to punch a certain control twice, once on the way into a loop over a road and once on the way back. Everyone got told the basics of this at the Start but a combination of adrenalin and mis-interpretation meant lots of people didn’t fulfil the requirement. The pre-event ruling was that anyone failing to punch twice would forfeit all the points for the loop, but with a large percentage of the field doing just that, it was agreed that he miscreants would forfeit 5 minutes instead. The actual class winners were largely unaffected but the Club Championships are currently “provisional”.

Having been disqualified (and taking some stick) at the recent ESOC Score event at Riccarton which had a similar crossing point requirement, Lindsey Knox carefully avoided going anywhere near a road and managed to take the W45 Scottish Score title. Ian Maxwell, Andrew Armstrong, Bill Bruce and Jim Knox all fell foul of the crossing point rules and will have points deducted. Funny how ALL the RR men managed to mess it up! Kirstin and Karen Maxwell both had well-judged runs to finish within time. Kirstin was 2nd on W14 and Karen 3rd on W12.

In the Scottish Inter Club competition Reivers are provisionally the winners of the magnificent silver and walnut Small Club trophy which the Maxwells will take to the “do” on Saturday for everyone to admire.