Scottish 6-Days 2011 – Oban

A really enjoyable week was had by all (I think) in the Oban area, despite no RR’s getting on to the podium this year.  We were generally blessed with very good weather and most rain seemed to fall during the night.

Day 1 was at Dunollie and there was a lovely beach start for some competitors.  The gorse with dead-ends into it caught a few people out but overall a nice start to the week.   The new o-tops got their first airing and the replacement tent canvas was rolled out.  Long queues all day at the merchandising stall.

new R tops

first outing the for new tops

Day 2 was at Ardnaskie and maybe the less said the better !  We had early starts and most of us had rubbish runs, although I think Karen said she’d had a good run.

Day 3 at Creag Mhic and maybe it was the late starts, maybe it was the nice terrain but we generally had a better day here.  After a lovely sunny day the heavens opened late afternoon and we were forced to cancel the RR barbeque.  We were amused by the tent in front of us being “walked” back to the car park – to keep the occupants dry we think.

a big umbrella

a big umbrella

The rest day was hot and sunny.  Jim and I took the bikes to Lismore Island, some others took a boat trip.

heading the Lismore

heading for Lismore

Day 4 was at Torinturk and was our only really wet day.  The area was quite tough in places and courses were generally long due to last-minute changes to avoid a large fenced area of tame deer.   Half the team took down the Assembly and the other half hung about our Day 5 area then pitched tents in the gloom, finishing at 10pm.

Day 5 was “our day” so it was an early start, then manning Starts.  Donald Wallace joined us at the North Start and gave the starts some banter, while Iain Bell and Sandy Burgon helped at the South Start.  Andrew had co-planned some nice courses on a very difficult area to plan, and there was some spectacular scenery along the coastal legs.  Early starters had a bit of undergrowth to deal with and later starters had knee-deep mud.  We weren’t required to bring in controls as we’d half expected, so we had an impromptu barbeque on the shingle beach near the event centre.

a slightly cool bbq

a slightly cool bbq

Day 6 at Archattan and the main topic of conversation was the 60 minute walk to the Start.  It didn’t actually take anything like that, and luckily the weather was warm and sunny again so we all took in the lovely views up and down Loch Etive.  Fairly fast running underfoot apart, just a pity most of us were too tired to make the most of it.

All-in-all we enjoyed the week and most other people are saying the same.  The only thing Jim and I missed was the event centre catering, not provided this year as there wasn’t anywhere suitable.  We’ve got our cottage booked for 2013 after several posts on the internet from people saying that they’d done the same.  The first two places I tried were already booked by orienteers.

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