Results of Night Event 3 at Selkirk Hill 27/11/19

Results are HERE

Planners comments: Selkirk Hill is a funny kind of place – we all know it well enough that we’ve probably visited every decent control site ! So it’s tricky to do something new, and make it challenging. On reflection, that was probably a bit more technical than was strictly necessary for a night event, though that said, every control was on or near a path, and there were always path options to connect them. I tried to tempt you into taking cross country choices rather than ‘round the paths’, and tried to give you route choice decisions to make. In order to make the most of the complex pitted area, the course had a LOT of controls – but I felt that was necessary to prevent it being a simple fly-through on the larger paths. I suspect patience, keeping it slow and steady and really drilling down into the detail and always knowing where you were was what worked. Maybe ask Ellie what the secret was !

Thanks to everyone for coming on what turned out to be a pretty miserable and damp evening !