Reivers’ successes at Drummond Hill

The penultimate round of the 2005 Scottish O League series took place at Drummond Hill on 9 October. Reivers recorded some tremendous results, with no less than 4 wins, and three league titles confirmed.

In the juniors, Karen and Kirstin Maxwell came first on JW2 and JW4 respectively confirming their league wins for the 2005 series, with Sarah Tulie coming in fifth on the latter. In the junior boys, Andrew Tullie finished in second place, just under two minutes down on the winner.

There was more good news in the seniors, with wins for Robin Sloan (M55L) and Iain Maxwell (M45S), with Iain also taking the M45S title for the year, and Eileen Maxwell coming second on W40S. Completing the results, John Tullie was fourth on M45L and Carol Boyd third on W35S.

Full SOL results are available from the Interlopers website. The final round takes place at Broughton on 6 November.