2nd place in CompassSport trophy

What a result on Sunday – 2nd overall in the CompassSport Trophy final, our best ever result.

We kicked off the weekend with a group meal in Dr Foster’s Restaurant in Gloucester followed by a leisurely walk back to the Travelodge and an early night.

Doug flew in from Gothenberg on Saturday evening, Karen conversely had flu’ and stayed at home.

The Forest of Dean isn’t really an autumn area and there were acres of bracken and brambles, so there was quite a bit of path running as well as a few bits of nice forest to run through.  Saying that, there are hundred of paths so getting the correct one was vital.

Poor Sam had a scary experience with a wild boar in the forest and didn’t finish his course.  Bridget also saw some boar, and Amjad came across a couple of stags.

With start times spread over a long period it took until early afternoon for the scores to start looking hopeful for us but, with most clubs putting their better runners off late, it took until the last starters had finished for us to realise that we had actually, definitely, absolutely, taken 2nd place.  Brilliant.   Beaten by FVO who were winning for the 7th time in succession, but beating local club North Gloucestershire into 3rd place despite their 60 runners.

We managed to take maximum points on 5 of the 10 courses with wins for Kirstin, Lindsey, Faisal, Doug and Robin.  John was just pipped near the end and finished 2nd.

Results are HERE

The forecasted heavy rain during Sunday held off until just before prizegiving which was a shame, and we had to pack up a sodden tent.

CST prizegiving

CST prizegiving (2nd and 3rd)