SOL2 Dalbeattie

Not sure if I’m the right person to be writing a report on SOL2 at Dalbeattie. I had been looking forward to it as I’d enjoyed the last SOL there, even the mention of thinning hadn’t put me off too much despite the fact that I hate orienteering over sticks. I just hadn’t twigged that the WHOLE forest was recently thinned and that there were branches everywhere ! In short, it wasn’t very pleasant and I had a rubbish run.

Kirstin had another good run though, winning Blue and W18 comfortably. Sarah got 2nd on W18. Robin also ran well, running up to Short Brown for BOC practice and beating Ian by 3 minutes. I managed 2nd W50 and Jim was 2nd in M60S. Andrew A has his driving licence back and drove to the event but dnf’d, and Rob got his money’s worth.

Results are here