Lauder 26/3/22: Results and Splits

The results from the event are now HERE

Thanks to Eb Rooney for organising and planning the event in a new area on a new map. Thanks also to Robin Sloan and Rob Cranston for their input and anybody else I may have missed. We hope you all enjoyed your day.

Planner’s/Organiser’s report

This was our first time orienteering in Lauder, using a brand new map prepared by Deeside Orienteering & Leisure Maps, and it was great to be able to welcome everyone there on a beautiful (and warm !) spring day.

I planned the courses to make the most of the opportunities for route choice around the town, with a bit of off-road “terrain” running around the Burnmill path network for contrast – as well as the excuse for the hardiest runners to get their feet wet!   It seemed to work out well, with people enjoying both their run and the challenge it provided.

Special thanks to Robin for controlling, providing enormously helpful advice on the courses, and setting out on the day;  Ian, who did a dry run of the Light Green and provided useful feedback; Lindsey for handling online entries and setting up the laptop;  Rob for help with putting out controls and dealing expertly with the challenges of download;  Duncan for making sense of the results;   and to Douglas, Pauline, Rob and Cathy for collecting in controls.

Eb Rooney