Sprint 1: Abbotsford results

Full results from the Abbotsford sprint are HERE

There was a good turnout for the new map, thanks to Robin for the mapping and organising / planning.

Really pleased to see the map of Abbotsford used at last – it was ready 2 years ago, but worth waiting for a great turnout on a superb evening. Thanks to all those who came, hope you enjoyed the run. Kudos++ to Colin Williams for getting under 14 minutes, Ian, Tim, Fiona & Bethany battling it out on 15.

Pity about the recently erected Heras fencing at the walled garden, hope folk weren’t too confused by it, nor the next stretch of path which was closed off. All too late to be mapped!

Thanks to those who helped bring in the kit – a working pencil would have helped me avoid some duplication! Now looking forward to the boulder-fest at Gordon next week!