Vertish Hill, Night Event 1 – Report

When I volunteered to organise this event back in July I thought I would be recovered and back to running.  Alas, I have a wee while to go yet but I still enjoyed planning the first night event of the series on the Vertish Hill.

This was the first night event  I had planned and it was tricky to decide how to get the difficulty just right. My plan was to avoid having too much climb and give plenty opportunity to run on the fairways.  As this was the first event of the series I thought it was better not to make the navigation too tricky. Pleasingly there was a spread of times but with no one taking too long, and six different people having fastest leg times.   Everyone was very positive when they finished.     Well done to Barry Veitch, first home, pipping Keith Murray in an impressive time.

As ever lots of help from Reivers .  Thanks to Lindsey for setting up SI and taking entries.   Andrew took over to allow Lindsey to get a run and then the tidying up was efficiently done with Pauline, John, Barry & Robin collecting in controls.  Lindsey also produced results in quick time before heading away on a foreign trip.  Thank you. See you at Gala next week.

Results are HERE