The Hirsel – Planner’s Report

I do hope everyone enjoyed a crisp, winter run in the Dunglass Wood area of The Hirsel today. Quite a contrast from Dundock Wood and the rhodies everywhere. The weather was certainly very kind to us.

I enjoyed planning this handicap score event very much – it’s quite different from all other events including ordinary score events. The secret I think is to make you really think about which controls you want to leave out and it was good to talk to some of you afterwards and hear that you changed your minds about which ones to go for and which to leave out on more than one occasion on your way round.  It’s not about legs as such but it’s certainly about route choice.  It’s also important to use the handicap system to try to equalise times across competitors of all ages and abilities and I think I’ve done a fair job on that judging by the overall results although John Tullie’s winning margin was impressive.

Andrew Armstrong, Planner

The full results are HERE but the adjusted results for the Championships (and guests) are below.  These full results list by number of points scored so don’t mean an awful lot but let you see the order people did their course in.  Apologies to Keith for announcing at the AGM that he was 3rd, my mistake.  


1John Tullie 16M6000:34:4716
2Ian Maxwell 16M5500:39:2616
3Robin Sloan 14M7000:39:4614
4Robert Cranston 14M5000:39:4914
5Pauline McAdam 13W6000:40:3613
6Eb Rooney 15M5500:40:4715
7Sam McKinnon 13M1600:42:4313
8Cathy Rooney 12W5500:43:4312
9Keith Murray 16M5000:44:1016
10Paul McGreal 16M4500:44:5216
11Lynne Bogle 12W5000:46:2212
12Mike Johnston 14M4500:46:4414
13Duncan Shiell 12M6500:46:5212
14Marc Heger 15M1800:48:2216
15Calum Murray 14M1800:49:5114
16James Purves 14M6000:51:0514
17Susan Shiell 10W6500:51:5410
18Paul Morris 1300:52:2612
19Bridget Khursheed 12W5000:55:2712
20Judith Purves 12W4500:56:2012
21Fiona Johnston 12W5500:57:5912
22Rainer Heger 13M5001:04:2413
23Kerem & Jenna 10M2101:05:4912
24David Patterson 11M5001:12:1312