Teviothead 3/10/20

Results from a damp Teviothead today are HERE

Routegadget HERE

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves today (despite the weather) – from the comments I received it sounds like folk were just glad to be back competing.

My plan was to not have a conventional course for the green – more middle-distance/relay style planning with lots of controls (it wasn’t a coincidence that it ended up as 19!) and changes of direction. I also wanted to try and use the best bits of the area with all the lovely wiggly brown lines – hence the reason for the 1,7500 scale. This also tends to be the bit with the best underfoot conditions.

Light-Green was perhaps more conventional although with a lot of similar legs – a consequence of being limited to 25 controls. Leg 16-17 on Green seems to have caught a few people out – a deceptively tricky leg, made all the more difficult by control 120 on Light-Green pulling the unsuspecting off-line.

The observant among you may have noticed several control sites which were used in my devious Photo O challenge from earlier in the year. The “memorial” at 117 was my attempt at some light hearted humour in this time of gloom – I hope it didn’t put you off!

John Tullie (Planner/Organiser)