St. Boswells/Club Championships results 20/4/23

Sportident sesults from the St Boswells urban race are HERE.

Thursday evening (20th April) was the rescheduled date for the RR club championships at St Boswells. Thick ice on the pavements in January made it an easy decision to postpone. Instead we were blessed with a sunny evening, although a deceptively cold wind.
Being a relatively small area, the wiser members of the club suggested I design an odds and evens score event. Although everyone seemed to have a good run, the speedier runners were polite enough not to complain that I’d definitely miss-calculated the running time. A quick post race decision was made to stick with the original handicaps which meant the prestigious club championship trophy (rather an amusing hotch potch of mementos stuck to a plinth) went to Robin Sloan. Andrew Armstrong took 2nd place and Lindsey Knox 3rd. Next time I think I’ll avoid the complexity of a score !
Two younger residents of St Boswells sped round their course, having enjoyed their orienteering coaching session the previous week at St Boswells Primary School. Hopefully the McLeod’s from Lauder will be inspired to join the club and the Dalgleish’s will be back for more of the RR sprint series.

Kate Darlow, Planner/Organiser

Club Handicap results:

NameAgeClassHandicapActual score% of handicap
Robin SloanM75170210123.53
Andrew ArmstrongM65160190118.75
Lindsey KnoxW60180210116.67
Fiona JohnstonW60140160114.29
Rob CranstonM55170190111.76
Bridget KhursheedW55140150107.14
Andrew JacksonM50190200105.26
Fiona ForrestW45190200105.26
John TullieM65220220100.00
Paul McGrealM50220220100.00
Ellie DarlowW1620019095.00
David PattersonM5512010083.33
Anne CampbellW601409064.29
Ian MaxwellM60n/c2200