South of Scotland O League 2016

In 2016, for a trial year, this series will run for a calendar year instead of the previous autumn/spring period. (This first series will however include the SoSOL held in October 2015, which was the only one before Christmas)
These are already registered in the series:

1. 11 Oct 2015 ESOC Hopetoun House, S Queensferry
2. 24 Jan 2016 EUOC Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
3. 21 Feb AYROC Kaimes, Muirkirk
4. 28 Feb ELO Lothian Edge, Dunbar
5. 17 April SOLWAY Drumlanrig, Dumfries
6. 15 May INT Calder Wood, Livingston
7. 6 Nov ESOC Penicuik Estate.

The above is on a PDF file to download and keep.  You can check these events and any more that get added on the ESOA website: HERE