Selkirk Hill Sprint Results

The full results are HERE

League table based on best aggregate of three scores to date is shown below.

NameBowmontHirselJedburghSelkirk HillRace 5Race 6Best three total
Ian Maxwell30300280088
Marc Heger212830290087
Patrick Heger272629300086
Paul McGreal02728260081
Mike Johnston281722240074
Rob Cranston02525230073
Elena Heger191623210063
Duncan Shiell222018150060
Pauline Macadam01924160059
Kate Darlow25150170057
Andrew Armstrong2301990051
John Tullie0026250051
Ellie Darlow201116140050
Lynne Bogle18102000048
Sam McKinnon2600220048
Bridget Khursheed17180120047
Judith Purves161414130044
Susan Shiell151315110043
Fiona Johnston0231700040
Sandy Burgon0021190040
James Purves0210180039
David Patterson1491170034
Faisal Khursheed290000029
Robin Sloan029000029
Calum Murray002700027
Iain Bethune000270027
Eileen Maxwell240000024
Neil Turnbull024000024
Ian Burns022000022
Lindsey Knox000200020
Kate Grimsditch001300013
Seb Darlow001200012
Les Turnbull012000012
Andrew Duncan000100010
Elspeth Sloan001000010
Stewart Barrie0008008

Report to follow