Selkirk Hill Night-o 29/11/17

Results of this evenings event at Selkirk Hill are HERE

Many thanks everyone for your support of our trial mini-series of Night-O events – an impressive turnout of club members on all three nights, which very definitely made it all worthwhile. I gather there hadn’t been much RR Night-O activity for a while – I’ve always loved night navigation and the slightly different skills that are required, so was happy (with Robin) to have a crack at changing  that. 

Hopefully we got the technical level about right (seems that way on the basis of the very low DNF rate?), that it was enjoyable, and we used some areas that have become familiar in a different way.

At Bowhill I was aiming for a fairly gentle introduction – always a path option (sometimes more than 1), but not necessarily the quickest choice, and tried to tempt you into considering ‘straight-lining’ some controls. I also was hoping to test your compass and pacing skills 😊. It was amazing how an area that I’ve been round many times took on a new dimension in the dark, and that relocation once map contact had been lost was pretty tricky (all those path junctions to choose from!).

Selkirk Hill was an attempt to step things up a notch in technical terms – I make no apologies for taking you through the lumpy bit twice!. Counting path junctions and pacing were critical I imagine, and I suspect taking it slowly and carefully may have actually been quicker?. It seems that the leg 8-9 created a few issues though, with some ending up on the wrong side of the old curling pond and pretty much off the map and on the golf course!.

 I hope everyone enjoyed the chance of a bit of local Night-O. Shall we do it again next year?.


Paul McGreal