Scottish Sprint Champs and SOL 1

The Scottish Orienteering season kicked off in earnest last weekend with a double-header in Perthshire.

The Scottish Sprint Championships were held in an urban area of Perth on Saturday morning and with winning times of only around 15 minutes the pace was fast and furious.   A small number of Roxburgh Reivers ran, with the best results coming from Douglas Tullie and Kirstin Maxwell, both finishing with a bronze medal.

The first of the seven Scottish League races took place at Dalrulzion, north of Blaigowrie, on Sunday.  (Day 1 at Tay 2009).  John Tullie revels in rough underfoot conditions and had a clear victory in M50.  Sarah Tullie and Karen Maxwell also showed a clean pair of heels to their rivals winning W20 and W16 respectively, while Lindsey Knox took 3rd on W50.   Special mention to Barry Veitch who managed to get more confused than Lindsey going to their same first control !