JK2012 – Livingston and Perthshire

Looks like no-one else is going to add a JK report, so here goes!

Friday:  Sprint Day at Livingston, it drizzled rain a fair bit of the day.  The street part was straightforward then I messed up the non-street bit at the end.  Bill and Robin both mis-punched. Best result was Kirstin’s 4th place on W20E.  Then we manned a slightly unorganised Start (not our fault !).

Saturday: Dunalastair, scene of one of my more memorable Controlling experiences from a 6-Days, although that was in the east end of the map not used this time.  Enjoyed walking/jogging and finding the controls more or less spot on, even if my route choice could have been better.  Not a great Assembly Area so most people mingled in the car park instead.  Good results from John (2nd on M55L), Eileen (2nd on W45S) and Kirstin (3rd on W20E).

Sunday:  Craig a Barns.  Very messy underfoot in places after winter storms, and some tricky navigating.   Robin came up with 3 excuses for a bad first control – lost contact lens, 90 degree error and dibber whipped off his finger.  You just don’t get this type of excitement at cross country races !  A cracking run from Douglas T, winning M21E, finishing 2nd overall. John sealed an overall win by taking 2nd on the day.  Kirstin’s 4th place was enough for 3rd overall.

Monday:  Relays at Newtyle.  I wasn’t there but the EUOC team with Douglas on lead-off leg finished 2nd.  We hadn’t managed to scrape together an RR team.



Kirstin, John, Douglas

Full results are HERE