Elibank 21 April 2012 – results

Results of today’s event are HERE

Elibank is a hidden orienteering gem, a reasonable path network, some complex contours and at this time of year, good runnability. Just a pity it isn’t several times larger!

I was very impressed that Andrew and Michael did the yellow course so well having never orienteered before and also that Faisal’s lead time was so fast.

It was good that the seniors all opted for the Orange ++ course, as there were some very technical legs. With so many similar/parallel features it’s easy to lose time but it’s a good area to practice skills.

Thanks to Barry, Lindsey and Rob for helping and thanks to everyone else for coming – by June the bracken will make Elibank impossible, so you enjoyed it at its best.


  • p.s. from Lindsey

Leg 8-9 seems to have been challenging, judging by the splits:

  • Planner’s comment: I think the quickest and safest route would be to contour out of #8, after about 400m drop into the prominent NW/SE re-entrant (1), follow it until starting to descend (2), then compass 100m to the easterly crag (3), drop down and round to the control. In a “proper” event, I wouldn’t have brought you back to #10 – but there was control there already on the Orange course so thought it should be used!!   Robin