JK2011 – the highs and the lows

The JK International was held in Northern Ireland for the first time and we were blessed with good weather for all 4 days.  Here’s a potted history of how RR’s fared.

Friday:  Sprint race in the grounds of Belfast University.  Douglas Henderson had a good result despite getting injured on the run-in and is unable to compete for the rest of the weekend.  Fiona is a brilliant 4th but still suffering the effect of illness decided not to run again over the weekend.  Heavy rain at the end of the event caused havoc for Lindsey, Eileen and Karen who were all wearing Adidas Swoops which are hopeless on wet pavements.  All in all not a great start for us, but the evening meal was good and tomorrow is another day !

Saturday:  Long, tough courses in the high sandunes.  Lots of long times but Kirstin had a great run to finish 3rd on W20E.  Things looking up.  The sun came out late morning and it was a lovely warm day.  Lindsey and Jim headed to the local Blue Flag beach but changed their mind when they discovered that there was still an entry fee of £4 at 5pm.

Sunday:  Open hillside with lots of rock features, a magnificent arena to watch finishing runners.  Ian found himself unexpectedly up to his chest in a deep marsh and lost concentration as well as running wet the rest of his course.  Kirstin is duped by an unmarked crossing point but still gets a good 4th place on W20E, a little bit disappointed nonetheless.  Douglas Tullie was 3rd on M21E to finish 5th overall.  Lindsey managed to beat Christine Patterson for the first time in ages but still behind her overall.  The Maxwells headed home, the Knox’s headed north to MacGilligan Strand to look for  a scout camp that Jim attended twice in the 1960’s (found it !).

Monday:  Only Douglas Tullie still at the JK – finishing 5th in the relays.   Knox’s and Forrest’s headed home on the same ferry.