JK 2007 Forest of Dean

Photo: John TullieA good turnout of Reivers enjoyed the lovely Forest of Dean over Easter Weekend. The sun shone and both Assembly areas were nice. Day 1 was definitely a route-choice sort of day with a deep-sided valley and lots of path options. The majority of the forest was very pleasant but there were bits of bramble and brashings to slow down the short-legged runners. Day 2 was even nicer with large sections of flat beech forest but a tricky section on most courses early on caught a few people out.

Photo: Douglas TullieThere were mixed fortunes for the club but Douglas T and John managed to rise above the dross to finish 2nd on M20E and 3rd on M50L respectively. Douglas H had a good run on Day 1 but his sore foot gave him some trouble on Day 2. James had a reasonable run on Day 1 but twisted his ankle on Day 2. Jim admits to having jogged round “most” of Day 2 as it was so nice underfoot. Andrew got disqualified for not punching the last control properly on Day 1. Ian Maxwell managed to do something similar on Day 2. Who hates Emit ? There were huge queues at download on Day 1 as the generator kept breaking down. At least it was warm and sunny in the queue. Andrew also managed to pick up 2 gigantic blisters on his feet on Day 2 despite having had his innov8’s for over a year.

Jim and I went for a walk on the Monday so we missed the Relays but our two teams of Sarah, Karen, Kirstin and Eileen, Ian, Rob did well. The girls were 6th in the women’s –48 class and the seniors finished 18th from 100 teams on Ad Hoc.

Results here