Jedburgh Planner – Ian Maxwell RR

Jedburgh is a great place to plan urban courses with the bridges over the river and underpasses below the A68 creating route choices and the alleyways around the town centre complexity. I added in the Castle as the WRE courses were starting through it and it offered a 3-dimensional route choice to get there. Unfortunately, we lost one control inside the castle when the curator took fright at the speed that the WRE competitors were coming through.

I tried to make the older junior course as much of a technical challenge as possible as I feel it is normally too easy for 14/15-year-olds but probably went too far as some were tempted to cross the A68 (and excluded) when they could see the next control on the other side of the road.

300 people running around a quiet town on a Sunday morning does not go unnoticed so lots of prior visiting to people in quiet areas with controls outside their doors was required as well as permissions to use the historic sites, swimming pool etc. Feedback both before and after was almost exclusively positive with many coming out to watch.

Thanks to Joe Hudd and Joe Sunley for the excellent updated map and to controller Ian Pyrah for his advice on the courses.

Some route choice analysis on the key routes will be published later on this site.