East of Scotland Championships – Teviothead

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Controller’s Comments – Keith Tonkin BL

I ran at Teviothead ten years ago at the CompassSport final in 2012. I don’t really remember much about it, although I suspect I didn’t have a great run otherwise I might have ! As it transpires it seems a good area when the weather is fair, like today. But I found out from checking controls the day beforehand that it can be brutal when the wind is driving across the hill tops attempting to de-kite controls. Luckily you all avoided that, and later starters may even have had a little sunshine to add to the milder that usual November weather. I hope you enjoyed your runs and congratulations to those who won trophies. The controlling input from my point of view was fairly minimal, and hopefully relatively light touch, as the courses had been planned well in the first instance, all sites had been marked before I made a site visit and the map was very accurate. So suggestions from my side were mostly insignificant and were positively received by Lindsey & Robin. Well done RR.