CompassSport Trophy 2013

Good news – despite being a couple of runners short Roxburgh Reivers have qualified for the 2013 final of the CompassSport Trophy, finishing in 3rd place behind FVO and Clyde.  With a full team I reckon we would have given Clyde a run for their money.  The event at Birsemore was actually a bit of a disappointment due to recent thinning, deep snow on the top and some strange planning in places.

Keep the weekend of 19/20 October free for the final in the Forest of Dean which is generally very nice and runnable.  Routegadget for a previous event is HERE

The full results from the qualifying round are HERE

1st  FVO   1274 points

2nd CLYDE  1225 points

3rd RR  1045 points

4th TAY  558 points

5th INT   375 points