Bowhill November 2016

Full results for the event including split times are now available HERE

Unfortunately the Orange and Light Green Courses had a control box that didn’t work. This was Control Box 110 – Control 4 on the Orange Course and Control 2 on the Light Green Course.

The displayed results have taken that Control Box out of the split times, so the Orange Course shows Start,1,2,3,5,6… and the Light Green Course shows Start.…

Apologies if I’ve got a name or an age wrong amongst the Juniors, especially where pairs where involved.

Eb Rooney, Planner reports:

Another excellent turnout for this event, with close to 40 competitors, pairs or families – not quite as high as Selkirk Hill but encouraging for a cold November day with the alternative attractions of warm houses and a rugby international to watch in the afternoon.

This was my first attempt at organising and planning, and it was difficult to gauge how long the courses might take, or how easy people would find them. In the event, there was a good spread of times on all courses, and people seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Well done to the winners – Ellie Darlow winning by a healthy margin on Yellow, Anne Smith taking Orange, and John Tullie making short work of Light Green. The only down side was the malfunctioning control (110) on Orange and Light Green, which was annoying – but maybe it’s good for us to be reminded from time to time of how to punch manually when the electronics let us down.

I’m very grateful to Robin and Rob, who gave lots of input and advice on course design and the choice of control sites, and particularly to Robin as Controller, and for helping to re-plan the courses when we discovered (two days before the maps were due to be printed) that the chosen site for the last few controls and the finish was now out of bounds owing to forestry operations! Hence the rather circuitous route back to the car park up a steep slippy hill.

Thanks also go to Duncan, for setting up and manning registration and download, and getting the results up in double quick time despite the problems with the faulty control; to Mhorag for putting on soup and rolls and wonderful home baking – perfect for a cold November afternoon; Rob for additional help with recce’ing the courses and setting out controls; Lindsey for instruction in the delights of the CONDES course planning software and for some minor amendments to the map; Ian, James, Robin, Rob, Pauline and Cathy for bringing in controls and tidying up the course; and of course to Buccleuch Estates for permission to run the event in such beautiful surroundings.

Thanks also to Ian for running the compass training course before the event.