Tweedbank SOUL results

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Organiser’s comments

I hope all competitors enjoyed their runs around Tweedbank.  Thank you for supporting this Roxburgh Reivers event.

Back in February I missed the RR AGM and then was slightly perturbed to find that in my absence I had been volunteered to organise this event.  I need not have worried.  As usual there was a great team effort from Reivers members which ensured the smooth running of the event.

Douglas Henderson and Robin Sloan who planned the courses also  did most of the spadework in organisation before the event;  Duncan Shiell organised the pre-entries; Lindsey Knox did lots of pre-event stuff on the computer and lots on the day too and John Tullie organised the equipment and also did some gardening!

My main job was to organise man-power on the day and I had lots of keen helpers who contributed willingly and skilfully to the variety of jobs required to make the event work.

All seemed to go well on the day.  Having use of the Tweedbank Sports Centre facilities was a real boon.  I am sure competitors appreciated toilets and changing rooms at the Centre and the track official’s box was great for registration and download, providing shelter to the computer team from the blustery wind.

Robert Cranston, Organiser


Planner’s comments

I hope you will have found Tweedbank to be a varied and challenging location for an urban event.  With both concentrated and more spread-out housing areas, an industrial estate and parkland along with some significant tree cover and climb, it certainly offered variety.  Whether the planners managed to make it challenging enough only others can judge – but certainly the initial verbal feedback was favourable and the times mostly matched our expectations across the courses.  I hope those of you with the butterfly legs enjoyed running them as much as I watched you doing them!

I learned to expect the unexpected in planning this event.  The sports centre was booked in January with a grandstand finish intended beside the track: three months before the event the council announced they were beginning major reconstruction which they couldn’t give us an end date for – so apologies for the not-so-pretty assembly and download area.  Other hitches included intermittent felling of trees vital to the course-planning, the late appearance of a small but beautifully planted wild flower meadow which I didn’t have the heart to take competitors across, and three weeks beforehand the appearance of a travellers’ encampment (complete with rather fierce dogs) on the eastern part of the map.

I must thank our Controller, Ian Pyrah from ESOC, for adding a fresh take on some of the the issues we faced at Tweedbank and for the small, but encouragingly growing, well-rehearsed cohort of RR helpers who took care of things on the day.  In particular, this apprentice planner appreciates being kept on track by Robin Sloan, not just for putting me right on the basic and more esoteric (sorry, subtle…) course planning matters, but also in making sure that all the other vital bits and pieces that fall to the planner were in place.

Douglas Henderson