Tweedbank event 4th December

Pity about control 118 being vandalised on Saturday.I was watched by some urchins (actually a different word comes to mind) when putting out the control on Friday at dusk, and being suspicious that they might have moved it, I went back to the site later – and found the T bar lying on the ground. So I fixed it to a sturdy bush with a cable tie, certain it would now be OK and didn’t check it again on Saturday morning. By the time Fiona got there (she was first off) it had gone – and she kindly went back to hang a kite there to mark the spot for everyone else. I went back to do a lap of the course on Sunday – and to see from the footprints what people’s route choices had been – and at 118 found the cable tie still on the bush but neatly cut. Elizabeth says that 12 year olds carry knives these days (not in the Borders surely?), but the suspicion is it was the same (delinquent) lads. Anyway, the footprints were interesting, and showed that most of the route options were taken by at least one runner. Some route choices were definitely affected by the snow – for example 118 to 134 was 100m shorter going the southerly route through the woods but was certainly slower on Saturday than the northerly pavement route.

The timing system was not very accurate, but I think Kirstin, Ian and John all took about 29 minutes for the long course. We had 18 taking part, and thanks to all who came to Tweedbank despite the weather: it made the mapping and planning worthwhile. I had always thought the area had potential, and perhaps we should be looking again at some of the other towns?

The maps arrived in the post on Monday – any ideas what to do with them? I could take them to the Boxing Day event, as Lindsey’s cartography and layout needs to be admired.

Finally, Sandy and Karen Craig much appreciated the business we gave Herges on the Loch, as they said just about all their other bookings that week had been cancelled. They had been just waiting for my phone call – but orienteers are a tough lot!