Tweedbank and Club Champs 2014

Reiver’s new gazebo had a real baptism at Tweedbank, as the morning’s rain was a lot more persistent than expected. Be careful if you’re standing at the edge to avoid water off the roof running down the back of your neck, but the shelter round the computer on such a wet day pointed to a good investment for the club.

Well done Lindsey for a storming run to win the Club Championship and bad luck Yousuf for mistaking a “Yellow course” only control for a counter. The correct one wasn’t far away, so he might have still been runner up. Ian just pipped Faisal for second spot – all these runners making good decisions how to link controls as efficiently as possible, and just as important, which were the best ones to miss out.

Abbotsford House provided a good assembly and the underpasses enabled us to allow juniors to be fully competitive while staying safe. Good to have a such a big turnout of club members in such wet conditions, which made the morning’s splashing round Tweedbank with coils of wire to secure the units well worthwhile – but why did I chose so many trees of massive girth as control sites?!

Thanks to all for coming, and to Lindsey, Rob and Alan for invaluable help.


Club Champion 2014

Club Champion 2014


Results and splits for the Handicap Score and Yellow course are HERE

The results of the club championships are in the table below.

Lindsey Knox - 13W55RR00:23:061313
Ian Maxwell - 17M50RR00:26:301717
Faisal Khursheed - 16M16RR00:26:511616
John Tullie - 17M55RR00:27:411717
Jane McNeilly - 16W35RR00:30:301616
Alison McNeilly - 16W35RR00:30:361616
Eb Rooney - 17M50RR00:30:551717
Gareth Owens - 20M2100:31:412020
Judy McNeilly - 11W65RR00:32:051111
Andrew Armstrong - 17M55RR00:32:111717
Robert Cranston - 18M45RR00:32:231818
Marc Heger - 13M14RR00:34:381313
Keith Murray - 17M50RR00:35:511717
Patrick Heger - 16M16RR00:36:191616
James Purves - 17M55RR00:37:541717
Susan Sheill - 11W65RR00:39:371112
Andy Jackson - 1700:43:351717
Rainer Heger - 17M50RR00:43:541717
Fiona Johnston - 14W50RR00:45:431414
Bridget Khursheed - 15W45RR00:47:221515
Sam McKinnon - 13M14RR00:49:231314
Tracey Murray - 16W40RR00:57:231617
Charlie Allison - 18M45RR00:57:361819
Yousuf Khursheed - 13M14RR00:25:411312-1
Scott Amos - 18M45RR00:36:041817-1
Cathy Rooney - 14W50RR00:39:121413-1
Calum Murray - 13M14RR00:53:211312-1
David Patterson - 17M50RR00:55:131713-4
Judith Pate - 16W40RR00:56:121615-1
Andrew Allison - 13M14RR00:58:441310-3