The Hirsel – 7/12/13

Results from today’s event HERE

Routegadget (draw your route)   HERE

Tales of rudimentary orienteering maps of Dundock Wood from 30 or 40 years ago had reached me so when given the chance to plan on a professionally produced brand new map in 2013,  I couldn’t resist planning a few course legs through the rhododendron maze –  I do hope that those of you doing the Light Green courses enjoyed the challenge.  It’s quite a small compact area but can provide multiple route choice options for almost any leg.  And looking at the split times for individuals is very revealing –  no less than 5 individuals recorded fastest times for individual legs in Dundock Wood on the Light Green Long course.

Leg 10-11  Fastest was Lindsey (1.05)
Leg 11-12  Fastest was Sarah (1.32)
Leg 12-13  Fastest was Ian (1.21)
Leg 13-14  Fastest was Faisal (0.47)
Leg 14-15  Fastest was John (1.12)
Leg 15-16  Fastest was John (0.53)

I think RouteGadget would be rather interesting here !

It is always exciting to plan an event on a brand new orienteering map and I hope that this event has whetted your appetite for more.  The areas of mixed woodland to the north and west of the map are quite different to Dundock Wood which formed the core of our event this time around.  The map of the whole Hirsel Estate is not quite finished yet but should be ready within the next couple of months and we are planning to use the whole area later next year with assembly and car parking adjacent to the Homestead area within the main Estate grounds. Personally I can’t wait !

(Note from Lindsey – the timing on the last control was out by 10 seconds which meant led to some pretty fast run-in times)