Spring Event 4- Eildon Hills 25 May 2011

The fourth of this year’s Spring series. This event was held around the woods which lie at the foot of the southern flank of the Eildon triumvirate. There was a reasonable turnout of 17 participants , from around the Borders, from Morebattle to Hawick and points in-between. After the wild weather of the previous days it was a relief to have a calm albeit muggy evening. Participants were certainly breaking into a sweat as they climbed from the start to the first controls. While the courses only went a little higher than the edge of wood, this was enough for most but not enough for “Team Rodwell” who climbed Eildon Hill North as a detour on their route.

Most elected not to be timed but Rob Burgess impressed with his sub-30 minute dash around the Orange course while the pairing of Kursheed and Heger raced around the Yellow course in a nippy 21 minutes. All participants seemed to have enjoyed their jaunts around the woodland. As ever, lots of Reivers contributed to the success of the evening; thanks to Douglas Henderson for helping place controls and running Registration; to Judy, Eileen and Kirsten for collecting controls in; and to Lindsey for printing the maps as well as collecting controls in.

Next event is at Bowhill on Wednesday 8 June when it is hoped the new electronic punching equipment will make its debut.